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 Moms Take 5  is a private FB group.

This is a place and space where moms can come to get a good laugh😂, find some encouragement to unwind from the hustle and bustle of diapers🤱, dishes, picking up legos, and hearing “Mom, Mommy, Mother, Ma…I need help with my homework!”🙆‍♀️

Five minutes to unwind before you step back into reality.Break for some cool resources, great blogs, funny videos🤣 or inspiring post and let’s keep each other company on this crazy, messy, amazing Mommy journey 😊 💫


I don’t have perfect days. Some days are a hot mess and others turn out to be much better. I don’t know all the answers. I am still figuring it out. I know each day will have it’s set of challenges and triumphs and I try to embrace them both with an open heart and a positive attitude. Someday’s I lose my Jesus a little and find him all over again in a moment of surrender and trading in my strength for HIS. You will need Patience, Love, Grace, Determination and the resolve to make mistakes. Embrace every bit of your journey as a mother, I hear it goes by quickly!

In the words of Heidi St John, “Motherhood is a journey and becoming takes time” so let us not wish away the difficult seasons of parenting with ” I can’t wait until”… syndrome. “God, the ultimate multi-talker, is pruning you with your children in mind! He’s preparing your children to bear fruit for His purposes even as He strengthens and steadies you.”

The journey you are taking is not a sprint, its a marathon. You are in a partnership with your children and with the Lord. You are teaching them and they are teaching you to grow, to be the BEST VERSION of YOU! So let’s take this journey together, one day at a time… deep breath… Exhale!! We got this, mothers✋🏾. Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you in the group…until then, check out the below parenting blogs:

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~Still Becoming~

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