Feeling Stuck?…

Feeling stuck? Like your life is going in circles, to a place called nowhere? No amount of songs, podcasts or sermons seem to help you get over the feeling of being stuck?

Have you ever felt like the rug has been pulled from under you and you have completely lost your footing?

You just did not see this coming! You were totally blindsided by this loss, this issue, this challenge, this situation, this letdown….

You have come completely undone!

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A Season of Ugly…

I’m going through a season of ugly. You know,  that place where you are not where you use to be, but miles away from where you want to be? That middle ground, the hard stuff – that in between time. Are you familiar with the feeling of frustration because the dots are not connecting? It seems like all odds are against you, and your prayers are bouncing off the roof; has hell has broken loose? That very messy place, where there are more questions than answers?

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Where will your Obedience take you? …

Where will your obedience take you?

Will it take you to a Lion’s Den?

Will it take you to a Fiery Furnace?

Will it take you to a Cave or Prison?

Will it take you into a storm?

Is your measure of success based on your accomplishments, successes or your obedience?

If you knew your obedience would take you down a difficult road, would you choose convenience or obedience? Would you choose a different road?

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Celebrate Every Yard…

It took place about a week ago after I was rocked to my core over a new season my family and I were entering into. Rest assured , it was a very good change, a blessing in disguise, but one I did not see coming. It caught me off guard, and left me fearful and anxious. My emotions were raw, I felt completely exposed and overwhelmed. 

Have you ever felt cornered? Exposed? Vulnerable? Fearful? Anxious? Hopeless? Defeated?

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On The Other Side of Fear…


Did you know that Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark? His fear drove him to solve a problem and revolutionize an era. He is known as one of the greatest inventors of all times. He is a favorite of mine-his philosophy of life has been the greatest inspiration to me. Our children know his quotes by heart and for very good reasons-He never lets fear stand in the way of his aspirations.

Botton line, on the other side of our best life is our decision to step out pass our fears.

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Step Out Anyway…

I have struggled most of my life with ” I can’ts”. I felt robbed of memories and opportunities to step out and TRY. Two years ago I decided to PUNCH my “I can’ts” in the face. I decided to give “I can’t” a black-eye. I decided to believe my biggest cheerleader ever, the one who created me and told me I CAN do ALL Things with His Help (Philippians 4:13). Is it scary? Yes! Is it difficult? Yes! Do I get frustrated? Absolutely! However, I STEP OUT into whatever my hands find to do, I do it with ALL my might.(Ecclesiastes 9:10).

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