Marriage with Sparks

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Contrary to popular belief, a happy, healthy and fulfilling marriage is achievable. Sometimes it just requires a different perspective. My husband and I are the founders of You Before Me. The mission of You Before Me is to strengthen marital bonds, save marriages on the brink of divorce, and build healthy homes. Our strategic approach towards marriage is crafted to help couples plan for a successful marriage.

God cares about marriages and families.We believe in the sanctity of marriages and that  strong marriages create strong families. Single? If you are single, we encourage you to be proactive in this time of preparation by focusing on becoming a wholesome you. Take care of your Spirit, Mind and Body. Be whole, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically so you can bring your BEST self to your future spouse.

Engaged? If you are engaged the best advice I can give is to participate in premarital counseling. Be intentional about learning and growing together and a great way to start that practice is to pursuit premarital counseling. My husband and I are license Symbis facilitators and would love to connect with you as you prepare for marriage. Learn more about Symbis by clicking the link below.

“True love never ends and it begins with thoughtful preparation”

Save your marriage before it starts!

Married?  Marriage has so many seasons. If you are married long enough, you can attest to this. There is so much to navigate in a lifetime of a marriage. No doubt there is difficulty and challenges but there is joy and bliss that one can experience with no other relationship on earth-of course none in comparison with our Lord and Savior. Marriage was meant to give us the greatest pleasure. Keep watering your garden!

If you would like to get connected to a community of married couples, take advantage of the resources available or learn more about You Before Me …. Join us!

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