About Me


Hi Everyone😁! I’m Zonnette, a Military wife and mother of two fun-loving boys whom I homeschool for several years. What a journey that has been…lol☺️. They keep me on my toes, that’s for sure! Jesus is my everything and without Him, I would truly be a mess. I have been married over a decade to the most amazing human being on the planet. He really is something spectacular! My superhero for sure besides Captain America and Black Panther…lol.  I get fired up about a few things, my Lord, my marriage, my family and having good old fashion laugh until you pee your pants kind of fun😂!!

I am learning to not take life too seriously, to enjoy the little things and live, really live and be present in the moment.

I love Italian COFFEE, Homemade Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup, playing tennis, dancing with the kiddos, playing board games, watching classic movies, listening to smooth jazz, reading, and my new-found passion writing/blogging. I find great pleasure in processing my thoughts on paper or in this case type on the laptop. I love to sing, I should say I love to worship; that’s when I feel the closest to the Lord. I am a planner (I need my to-do-list to function…lol). I am the compassionate type, an introvert at heart. I am an island girl so I enjoy the simple things in life; sunshine and the sounds of the ocean.

My life’s joy is to inspire, uplift and encourage YOU as we navigate through life together. We are better together than on our own island.  I am learning that the messiness of life, presents profound lessons with great wisdom, “treasures”, I call them. If we open ourselves to be a student of life itself, we will journey through life full, with so much to pour out. I am learning to embrace the messiness of motherhood and parenting; to live each day present and content in my current season.


 I was told by a very wise person “Follow your passion to discover your purpose”.

So here I am, discovering away💃🏾! Thanks for stopping by!

~Still Becoming~

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