How to Move Pass Stuck…


Let me tell you a story…

I had writer’s block for several months now, but not the typical writer’s block where the thoughts are not flowing. Mine came about when I lost a completed blog post by a “Cut/Paste” dilemma. I was devastated. I felt all kinds of emotions as I replayed the entire scenario in my head over and over again with one regret, why did I select “cut” instead of “copy”? This left me mentally paralyzed for weeks. The thought of trying to remember and rewrite what was lost had me feeling hopeless.

It crippled me mentally. I almost gave up on writing altogether because I thought this must be a sign I am not cut out to be a writer.

Mental, mental, mental……

I hope you are paying attention. Because of my thought process, I felt defeated.

Your mental state is a powerful thing. Winners, losers, successful and unsuccessful people are defined by their mindset.

“Whether you win or lose in life will be determined by the thought or thoughts that drive you.”

Society focuses so much on the external all the while having an enormous increase in internal issues. Why? Because how you look with or without make-up, your style of clothing, the brands you wear, your status, prominence, followers, your weight nor size can override your true thoughts and the way you see yourself.

Your Mindset Matters.

If you want to change anything, and I mean anything in your life, it starts with changing the way you think about that particular area.

It’s that simple! Don’t cover it up, dress it up, put make-up on it, don’t put a bandaid on it, don’t wish it away, don’t cry about it (well maybe a little…lol), don’t complain about it, because doing those things won’t change the real issue. You may feel better, but only momentarily. Until there is a change in our mental state, we will find ourselves back in the same place of asking,

“ Why didn’t I copy instead of cut, I wish I blank instead of blank-you fill in the gaps.

One thought can have us feeling stuck and going around in circles for what seems like forever.

Do you want to be stuck in forever?

What thoughts are holding you back from moving forward?

What excuses, what event, what childhood memory, what trauma, what experience, what regret, what hurt, what pain, what wound, what offense? What? What? What?

Once you pinpoint the thought or memory, find a way to move past stuck. For me, I decided  I was going to write again. I love writing. If I could do anything in the world, it would be writing and I realize, I had more in me to write. That one mistake, that one error, that one thought would not deter me from moving ahead.

So, I did some self-evaluating and realized I needed to do some “ thought cleaning”. There were other areas in my life that I felt stuck that I wanted to move past. There were things on my vision board that I hadn’t accomplished yet. It was time for a mental check-up, it was time to get unstuck!

Your decision to move pass stuck, usually starts with one small step. For me, moving pass stuck meant writing again, it didn’t matter what I wrote, I just needed to kill the thought of regret. What’s one action you can take to get unstuck?

Is it an action to forgive?

Feeling stuck has nothing to do with a status or title. I think we all feel stuck at some point in life. We all have to make the choice to move past being stuck, and a lot of times that requires forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves or someone who has wronged us. Let’s talk about self-forgiveness for a sec. The idea of needing to forgive myself was foreign to me a few years ago. I was never taught to forgive myself for anything. The first time I forgave myself was liberating. Every time we practice self-forgiveness we heal and we free ourselves from being stuck.

Forgiveness doesn’t require a traumatic event, it could be a small offense. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take much to be offended. It’s as easy as strolling through your FB or IG feed or, a small interaction with a co-worker. The list is endless.

I was taught to forgive others. Forgiveness is not always an easy thing to practice, but it helps when there is remorse or an apology if you were wronged. But, what if there isn’t an apology when someone has hurt you? Forgiveness is still necessary for you to move past stuck. The person doesn’t have to deserve it, but in order for you to heal and move forward, you must truly and sincerely forgive.

Forgiveness is a profound healer.


Forgiveness is needed and necessary for you.

Take this time to forgive the people that have wronged you, those that have hurt or wounded you. This is a necessary step to move past stuck.

1. Check your thoughts at the door.

2. Focus on your mental state (thoughts) above all else

3. Practice forgiveness.

4. Take time to heal.

5. Move pass stuck with a direct action

In order to move past stuck, we have to be mindful of what’s really on our minds. A simple thought of regret can throw us completely off our game.  My “Copy or Cut” dilemma had the power to break or make me and so do a lot of situations that come your way. We have the power to decide that this messy situation is just another way we are being forged by life’s messy lessons and we will be better for it as we grow gracefully in each lesson life brings our way.

Change your thought, it will change your actions, which in turn, will change your life        -Les Brown


~Still Becoming~ __________________________________________________________________________________________

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6 thoughts on “How to Move Pass Stuck…

  1. What a beautiful read. It’s empowering to know that I am not my thoughts and that I have the power to move beyond them.

    Thank you for sharing your experience of pushing beyond the feeling of being stuck and most importantly, thank you for writing again.

    Your authenticity is awe inspiring.

    So proud of you sis ❤️✨

    Liked by 1 person

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