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What’s your measure of true love?

Are you a hopeless romantic ”in love with love”

Are you a realist not moved by the butterflies and twinkling eyes, but see love for what it really is?

Are you a cynic that doesn’t believe two human beings can live together without looking to fulfill their own selfish ambitions?

Do you believe there is ONE person that will fit you like a glove, and your world would not make sense without them? Or do you believe that is too far fetched?

Have you given up on love, or are you still hoping you will find that special person that sweeps you off your feet and keeps you wondering ”how did I ever live without you?”

Is that kind of love possible?

Love is the most powerful……., the most intoxicating of feelings.

I believe every human being desires to experience love in its purest form-without conditions.

I personally am a hopeless romantic and a sucker for romance!  I’m talking head over heels, heart-pounding, access to my soul, “you are the ONLY one for me” type of love- the Notebook kind of love. Love doesn’t always play out like it does in the movies, but when you fall in love and are loved back, you hold on to it, cherish it, treasure it, and fight to preserve it. Love for me is not just a four-letter word.

Love has proven to :

  • overlook my offenses
  • not repay evil with evil
  • keep no record of my wrongs
  • be patient
  • be kind
  • speak the truth in love
  • not be easily angered 
  • not be self-seeking
  • not dishonor me
  • always be in my corner
  • never gives up on me
  • never loses faith in me
  • stay committed in good times and bad 
  • put my needs ahead of its own
  • see beyond my brokenness 
  • protect me
  • provide for me
  • make me feel safe 
  • Lasso the moon for me  (The movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Love has proven to me to be more than a feeling, a spark or butterflies. Love has demonstrated itself through countless selfless actions that speak ever so loud “ I choose you over and over again until the end of time.

I feel extremely lucky, blessed beyond measure for I have found a treasure that everyone seeks but not all experience. I am doing life with my forever love!

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What’s your measure of true love?

Has love found you or are you still in wait?

What’s your experience with love?


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5 thoughts on “Love…

  1. My measure of Love is romantic and the ability to show the purist ”True” type of Love that could be shown to another human being.

    Love is to be expressed, but the giver must learn the receiver’s love language. This will strengthen their ability to love with the purest of hearts.

    Love intentionally as to love selflessness. Building the receiver while building yourself up.

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  2. I love this!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture (both in words and photograph) of love…there’s a certain truth woven throughout, that gives contentment, reassurance and hope.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a beautiful picture (both in words and photograph) of the surreality of Love. One word came to my mind after reading this…and that word was Hope. I’m not sure why, maybe because hope, faith and love are so finely woven together to create the fabric of our lives.

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