The Power of a Father’s Presence…


That’s the smile from a kid that had a tough day at school. He came home so discouraged and completely not himself. He shared with me the events of his day and how he felt embarrassed, sad and even angry. I understood him completely because I too have had days like that.

We prayed we talked, I praised him and flooded him with words of affirmation.  I hoped to drown out the negative voices that had draped him to the point of tears. I hugged him and held him, hoping my tight grip would melt away all his sorrows. I told him funny stories so I could see his bright smile that lights up my heart. I tickled him, he chuckled a little. I told him the story of Thomas Edison, ”How many times did Thomas Edison build the light bulb I asked”. He heard the story a million times. It’s my favorite story to tell when he’s feeling defeated. He smirked a little and whispered  ”10,000”. He knew where I was going and I could tell the story cheered him up a lot.  

I hoped what I shared resonated with my 10-year-old in a way that he would soon forget about the kind of day he had. He walked away and I could hear him playing with his legos quietly in his room. He was so quiet that Dad went to check on him and all I heard for the next 20 minutes were chuckles of laughter and stomping feet. Jaden and Dad were wrestling and tickling with so much laughter that I stopped and watched in amazement at the change in Jaden’s demeanor because of the interaction He was having with his Dad. It totally cured him of his bad day.

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What a difference, the presence of a Father makes. I used everything in my mothers’ arsenal but did not have an impact on my son that his Dad had.

A Father’s presence is powerful!

Men, your presence is needed more than you realize. We as mothers,  no matter how hard we try, cannot duplicate the impact a Father or a male role model has on these precious little ones.

Men, you are needed and necessary!

Your presence matters and makes a life-changing difference in the home.

#1 Your Presence is the Difference Maker

“It is something about a man showing up and being present in the lives of his spouse and children that makes all the difference. You are the rock and place of safety. The glue that holds it all together. The source of wise counsel, tender love and care, loving chastisement, and the priest of the house that is reliant, not on his own strength, but God’s providence.”  ~Charles Jackson~The Armor of Man

Here’s a message from one incredible Dad to another…check out this powerful video.

Your Presence is a Game Changer…

We appreciate all the men who are holding the fort down and leading their families well. 

We salute you, Fathers!

We salute you, MEN!

Happy Father’s Day!


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~Still Becoming~

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