You are just right…


Moms, it’s no secret…🤫

Motherhood has its rewards as well as its challenges but rest assured -You are the mother that is just right for your kid/s!

Each child is unique, distinct in temperament, wired with their own set of gifts and talents but, they also have their own set of struggles. This is a tough one for me as a Mom of a tween because I have found out that I can guide him and instruct him, but I cannot change or control my kids behavior (as much as I would like to… lol)


I can only give him the tools he needs to make the right choices and pray that he will. I have to remind myself that this is training for our children to be prepared to handle anything that comes their way with character and integrity as they grow and mature.

Parenting is not a cookie cutter job. We have to be open and flexible to meet each child’s needs most effective for them. It’s not always easy -it takes trial, error and a whole lot of patience.

It might take some time for you to see the fruits of your labor whether your child is in the “ terrible twos”, tween, teen, young adult, or even college stage , but be encouraged as one seasoned Mom said to me the other day, “ the kids will be fine- they will, trust me”.

Those words wash deeply over my worries and brought me such comfort and peace. I hope it will do the same for you today Mommies.


Check out this really cool clip about the love and connection between a Mom and her son…

👉🏾”out of all of the different dinosaurs in the whole wild world, you have the mother who is just right for you and who will ALWAYS love you!”


~Still Becoming~

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