Step Out Anyway…

I have struggled most of my life with ” I can’ts”. I felt robbed of memories and opportunities to step out and TRY. Two years ago I decided to PUNCH my “I can’ts” in the face. I decided to give “I can’t” a black-eye. I decided to believe my biggest cheerleader ever, the one who created me and told me I CAN do ALL Things with His Help (Philippians 4:13). Is it scary? Yes! Is it difficult? Yes! Do I get frustrated? Absolutely! However, I STEP OUT into whatever my hands find to do, I do it with ALL my might.(Ecclesiastes 9:10).

I felt God wanted me to homeschool our boys … SO I STEP OUT!

I wanted us, Moms, to encourage each other through the daily grind of motherhood through a group …SO I STEP OUT!

I love to read and wanted to share a book club experience with book lovers …SO I STEP OUT!

I wanted to BLOG about Life’s Messy Lessons…SO I STEP OUT!

I wanted to lead a Small group …SO I STEP OUT!

I wanted to work from home, be my own Boss and Inspire Sparkle...SO I STEP OUT!

I sometimes get tongue-tight and flustered when I speak publicly or video live BUT I STEP OUT ANYWAY!

and I will keep STEPPING OUT because I have decided the word CAN’T will NEVER limit me to do what’s in my heart to do.

Don’t let it limit you either. Don’t let “can’t” win.

STEP OUT and see the amazing things on the other side of I CAN!

God’s very BEST is ahead of You! Go get it!

Check out the words to this song that echoes this blog…” goodbye fear, you will never be welcome here”…

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#AmazingnessontheothersideofICan #dontletfearstopyou #bethebestversionofyou


~Still Becoming~

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